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Commercial Construction 项目

Decades of Experience in Design-Build and Commercial General Contracting

Excellence in Commercial Construction 项目 Across Michigan


With a razor-sharp focus on craftsmanship and quality, Schonsheck, 公司. is proud to have completed many professional commercial construction projects. Our experienced team creates spaces that are not just functional and efficient but also mirror the professionalism of your business. Our tailored solutions balance aesthetics and practicality, reinforcing each organization’s values and culture.



With a deep understanding of the specificities required in the Banking and Healthcare sectors, Schonsheck, 公司. consistently delivers superior construction. Our projects display our proficiency in adhering to stringent regulations, maintaining high standards of confidentiality, and prioritizing the comfort and safety of staff and clients. From patient rooms and labs to bank lobbies and secure areas, our mandate is to create environments that foster productivity and confidence.


Commercial Additions, Renovations, and 康复中心

Schonsheck, 公司. is renowned for breathing fresh life into commercial spaces. Whether through innovative additions, strategic renovations, or comprehensive rehabs—each project is tackled with an unrivaled attention to detail. Our designs cater to evolving business needs and consider preserving and enhancing the pre-existing structural value, ensuring a harmonious blend of old and new.



The importance of store design to the retail experience is undisputed. Schonsheck, 公司.’s portfolio flaunts a range of successful retail construction projects that engage consumers and enhance their shopping experience. Each retail space we create is strategically constructed to maximize product display, foster smooth foot traffic, and reflect the brand’s identity, always keeping the shopper’s journey in mind.


Light Industrial

Tackling the unique challenges of light industrial construction requires experienced hands. Schonsheck, 公司. has an impressive track record of constructing facilities that streamline operations and consider worker safety and morale. Focusing on structural soundness, 功能, and efficiency, our constructions increase productivity and support the long-term goals of various industries.


教育 & 教堂

Schonsheck, 公司. has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational and spiritual landscape through our construction projects. Be it modern educational institutions or churches, our creations ensure an environment that is conducive to learning, 灵性, and community building. By merging 功能 with aesthetics, we deliver structures that become landmarks reflective of the community’s values and purpose.


Self Storage/Warehouse

Warehousing and self-storage constructions present unique challenges and requirements. Schonsheck, 公司. has successfully delivered facilities that are secure, 可伸缩的, and designed for maximum space utilization. Our thoughtful planning and efficient design principles ensure that your storage solutions are future-proof and capable of adapting to changing demands.


Start Your Project

At Schonsheck, 公司., our commercial contractors are more than just builders—they are expert project managers who understand the importance of rigorous planning, meticulous execution, and maintaining open lines of communication throughout every project. Request a quote on your next commercial construction project today!